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New crying

Yesterday we packed up our dogs and headed out to Balsam for an all day boating adventure which is fun and the dogs love going to the boat. When we got to our first lock Andrew left to buy the pass and ty who was with me cried when he walked away, it was easily redirected when i told him to sit and wait. Then i went to wash my hands and ty cried even louder when i walked away which was again easily redirected by andrew. Ths sort of escalated when we got to Fenelon Falls, he cried and freaked out everytime i went into a store and the final straw was him pulling andrew almost to the ground to get to me when i went into the co op. This is new, we walk all the time together and andrew will hold the dogs while i run into a store or i will hold them while he goes, when we leave the house Ty does not make a sound, he does not even go to our big window to watch us leave, ty just goes and lays down, he has never once been destructive either. What is this he is doing? is it because we were someplace new and he did not like us leaving our little group? is it an unhealthy bond, sort of pocessive? I am leaning towards the fact we were some place new and he wanted us to stick together.

Input would be great! thanks
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