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Originally Posted by Shade View Post
Delgado came home at 9 weeks old and would need 1-3 breaks each night for the first 2-3 weeks. Their bladders are very small at that age, I had shoes, a coat, and a leash at the foot on the bed and whenever I heard him stirring or whining I'd get up. I wouldn't say a word just get dressed and clip the leash on, carry him downstairs and take him outside and once he was finished I'd scoop him back up and carry him back inside to the crate. No talking just back into the crate and I'd go back to sleep

He learned very quickly that waking me up just meant he went outside for a short time and there was no 'fun' involved so he would only wake me up if he really needed to go. Every few days I'd notice the frequency getting smaller and smaller and soon he was sleeping through the night without a peep

Thank you! So did you keep the crate in your room or in another room in the house?

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