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Female White Gsd behavior questions

So she is about two years old now. We have had her since she was about 6 months old.

I have a few questions.

1. My dog sleeps in the weirdest cramped spaces for a 80 or 90 lb dog. These spaces are for a ****zu.

2. Separation anxiety or what?
She doesn't want to go outside without my wife or I, she won't leave our side. Whether using the bathroom or sleeping.
Like Velcro. Not a bad thing, we appreciate the nature of this breed.

But last night out of nowhere she pooped in the house after we let her out for 30 minutes. She won't leave the deck.

She knows not to get on the bed or couch etc.. We do not crate her, when we leave she sleeps on our bed. All the shedding we can tell!
And sometimes gets in the trash!
What is she telling us?
When we come home she is ecstatic I just feel we are going to be fueling this fire on the long run.
Very protective of us. Gets in the middle of anyone and our children and snarls. Won't let anyone enter unless I give them the ok. I love it but want to know what and when I need to worry.
Pack drive? She also sometimes moans growls at my 2 year old. Wouldn't bite her or anything but I don't know if that is her trying to set her straight or if it is an alpha thing?
Will answer all questions!

Nikkie- Gsd White

Marley- Gsd BNT- R.I.P
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