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Unsolicited Comments From My Neighbor (A Rant)

It happened a few hours ago and I'm still so angry. I was just coming in from a walk with Stella. At the same time, my neighbor's daughter was leaving. She was obviously nervous about Stella. Here's how it went:

Neighbor's Daughter: "I'm just gonna stay right here till y'all get inside."

Me: "OK. But you don't have anything to worry about. She's as friendly as can be."

Neighbor: "That's the same thing my son said. He had a dog just like yours and it turned on and tore up my grandson. That's what those kinds of dogs do."

Me (as congenial as possible): "Well it's all in how you raise them."

Neighbor: "My son treated his dog good, too."

At that point, I just walked inside without another word. It might've gotten really ugly if I took her bait.

As a quick back story, this isn't the first time she's made snide comments about our dogs... among them that she's "not a dog person."


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