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Default Insane barking problem!!!

Ryker is 6 months old now and 63lbs. I'm having a hard time figuring this one out.

He seems to have an obsessive barking problem when we are out of the house. He might break into a barking for while in the truck with me while I'm working. And there's nothing to bark at. The biggest problem is with other people. He will bark at anyone or anything that moves. Mainly other dogs. Whether they are near or far. And if we are close to a dog he will bark and scream and whine and do all he can to drag me towards the dog. Which he's not successful at cause I can contain him. Although, sometimes I let him drag me because I know that when he meets these dogs that he will then finally shut up.

He comes across to most people that he is mean or aggressive to other dogs. Which is not the case. All he wants to do is meet them. I've tried everything, food, toys, pinching his butt, to dragging him away and all he does is whine and bark and cry.

So what do I do?!?! Please help, the 4th is coming up and I want to be able to take him to the festivities with me.

Thanks all!!
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