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Originally Posted by HappyFurKid View Post
I'm certainly no expert, so take this with a grain of salt (and I'm sure the more experienced owners will correct me if I'm wrong) but she's only been with you a few days and is getting used to her new environment, and from being separated from her litter mates and mom. Also, puppies go through a "fear period" from 8 to 10 weeks of age, so that might be part of the issue here. Be patient with her and I bet it resolves itself pretty quickly.

Thanks!! She also wants to play so badly with my Yorkie however he despises her. So I have had a couple of friends come over to see if she would be interested in their dogs( adult friendly dogs fully vaccinated) and from a distance she seems interested but if they walk towards her (on leash of course) she just screams and runs behind me so I've decided that it must be too soon for that. When they pull the dog back and we continue out conversations she's fine. However my moms smaller dog she really wanted to play with but she's a Maltese and mean as ****. I have another friend with a 12 week old Australian Shepherd that loves to play, they will probably be great friends but I would not allow her to come over because she is not fully
vaccinated. This puppy thing is more work than I remember! She's my first GSD and her personality is so different. She's super chill. I think some of friends are a little surprised that she doesn't have the typically puppy excitement when people come over. She's nice and all but could take or leave people and craves no attention from people. She actually seems more interested in kids than adults :-) she does however follow us around all day. And gets excited it one of us has left and returns. Thanks! Sorry to ramble!

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