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My new puppy hates outside!!

Brought home my 8 week old pup Friday morning. She had lived her whole life in an outdoor kennel. She had a part if it indoor like a garage type area where it was cooler then an outdoor part but the whole thing was cement and wood shavings in an area too. It was not a/c but fans in door and shaded even outdoors anyway I describe this to give you an idea that she wasn't living the high life even though well taken care of, and clean. Ever since coming into my house (first time indoor) she doesn't want to go outside. She acts like a sissy and you have to drag her out ( typically I just pick her up) even luring her with homemade salmon treats she won't freely come. She has done much better potty training today, no accidents. But I've been forcing her out often and walking her with a leash in my yard. She's so stubborn!! Is this normal? I assumed a larger dog that's spent so much time outside would enjoy it. My new puppy hates outside!!-imageuploadedbypg-free1404092347.191580.jpg

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