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I think a working home, is a home where the dog works with the owner, like herds sheep every day for a living, or is a service dog every day, or is a military working dog or police dog. A dog that is trained/certified and does SAR would be a working home in my opinion.

People who do schutzhund or protection sports could be considered a working home. But they aren't. They have a pet and they put it through training for specific things. They perhaps spend more time each week training that other venues, but in my opinion this would be a sport home.

People who do obedience, agility, rally, etc, would also be a sport home, but these would be people that are truly into it. People who say, I would like to get the dog titled in something -- pet home.

People who do conformation with their dog would be a show home.

And then there are the pet people. The pet homes. These people can be awesome or awful, like most of the above. They have not and are not planning to do anything with the dog in the way of working, showing, performance. They may take the dog to training classes. They probably have no previous experience in any venue. Which means, that breeders are going to be looking at them carefully when they go to place a puppy there.

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