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My dear Jolene

She had Cushings, and was being treated for it. She had gotten all of her hair back and was as happy and playful as she had been for years. But the damage was done, and she quit eating. Friday the 20th of June a trip to the vet showed her kidneys were failing. The vet gave her a shot and some pills to see if she would eat at all. No, luck. She was drinking water, and Monday the follow up showed she had lost another pound and was 36 pounds. Mid 40s was her ideal weight. She had he head and left paw in my lap. She just looked at the paw the needle went in and put her head back in my lap. She was gone in a flash, not even 1/4 of the injection. She's in a far better state, and I and my Siberian Husky are sad. I've been keeping him occupied. He only looks sad when he's on the sofa. She was only 8.
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