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Default Cushings - Non-GSD

Just had Shadow (Lab 4 yrs old) in for a check up, blood work and thyroid tests. Reason for visit is weight gain and inability to lose the weight. Shadow has always been a very active but chunky girl, and we have always had to monitor food intake.

Vet agreed it was time to take a look at the thyroid, but also mentioned she was going to take a look at markers that appear in the blood work to indicate the need to test for Cushings. She did go on to say she was leaning towards having to do the test due to symptoms presented - pot belly, hair loss, panting and so on.

I am jumping ahead and learning what I can about Cushings. Frankly, what I am finding is confusing me and honestly some is scaring me. I am finding info that says surgery will be required, other info that says it is managed with meds, and even others that states questionable quality of life at about 2 years post treatment.

What is your experience with Cushings, anything learned about it. What questions should I ask, alternatives to treatments suggested, anything I am not thinking about?
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