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ACL tear - very weak back legs - HELP!!

Hi everyone -

Back in Dec of 2013 my 8 year old German Shepherd possibly tore his ACL in his right hind leg. I say possibly because he was limping after jumping out of the car after we got back from the vet for his yearlies. It would come and go - limping off and on for months. But it was always after he would over extend himself - ie act like a crazy man and chase kitties in the backyard. Recently - about 2 weeks ago - he started limping again and it hasn't gone away. We took him to the vet yesterday and because he jumped out of the car, what happens?? He seemed to hurt his other leg. Ugh!!!

So the vet felt his knees, checked his hips, etc....believes very strong that he tore his ACL if not in one knee then in both. So we got Rimadyl, which I've read bad things about and do not plan to keep him on long term at all, and another pain killer. All day yesterday, he was completely lame in both hind legs....very, very weak. It was a struggle to get him outside. But we did it...... The vet said he's completely healthy otherwise - everything else looks great. And his hips have a great range of motion. Which really makes me feel good.

This morning we got up and went to take him out and he actually got up on his own twice. I'm pretty excited about that since yesterday, we had to completely help him up. His legs seem much steadier today.

So - I already have him on Glyco-Flex III, three tabs a day...I'm looking into other supplements tho. I've heard great things about Joint Rescue. And we give him 4 squirts of Salmon oil in each meal (twice a day).

I know we have a long road - he needs to drop 20 pounds. He's lost 17 since December and needs to lose more. I give him a 1/2 cup of Zignature dry mixed with a 1/2 cup Zignature wet twice a day. Since he's unable to really exercise right now, should I give him less?

I just need some help with all of this. Maybe from some of you, whom I'm sure have gone through all of this already? There's just so much info out there, my head is swimming!

Thank you all in advance!
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