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Update To My Frontline Post

The other day, I posted that my cousin's dog died due to using Frontline. My aunt had called me right away after the dog had passed to make sure that I didn't use Frotline on Wolfie. My cousin lives in Florida, and we live in Massachusetts, so all this info was relayed over the phone under very emotional circumstances. My cousin's husky had run off, and was gone for 23 days. They found her covered in ticks and brought her to the vet. The vet also treated her other husky in case there were any ticks brought home. Here is the story of what happened from my cousin..

It saddens me to have to write this but on Tuesday June 24,2014 , I brought my beloved Maya to the vets for a check-up after being gone for 23 days . I wanted nothing but the best for her well being. Maya check up was good except she had quite a number of ticks on her. The vet administered a topical medicine called CERTIFECT to get rid of the ticks she also sent me one home to put on Maya's brother as they were rebonding in the same room. Within 24 hours Maya had, diarrhea and was very lethargic. We thought it was because of all that she had been thru. On Wenesday afternoon Maya's brother teddi was given his CERTIFECT so he did not contract tics from Maya, within 12 hours Teddi was exhibiting all the sysmptoms that Maya had. But it got worse . I rushed them immediately to the vets on Thursday . Teddy was given an antidote and scrubbed to remove the poison from CERTIFECT and given IV fluids . Unfortunately it was to late for Maya after all she went thru to find her way home she died in my arms a slow and painful death due to a product made by MERIAL company the same company that produces Frontline.Merial has been aware of this for sometime and has kept this product on the market knowing it can kill our beloved pets. Please Pass this on and save a life in honor of Maya After this ordeal, I did a tremendous amount of research on both Certifect and Amitraz. As it turns out, Amitraz can be incredibly toxic to some dogs, even at "normal" canine topical dosing amounts. Mortality is reported at < 5% if proper treatment is rendered.... MORTALITY! That means for every 20 people who's dog gets ill from this medicine, one of our precious animals will die. Symptoms of Amitraz toxicity are often cardiovascular, GI and neurologic. They include frequent urination, hypersalivation, depression, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, shortness of breath, ataxia (stumbling), collapse, loss of consciousness, seizures and death. There were several case accounts of acute and chronic liver failure, kidney failure and paralysis.

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