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I shot some video of detail work with Fama tonight. She's pretty fast, and has been sloppily handled for a while so she skips corners and stuff, so in closed quarters, like an indoor NW search, I have to give more direction with her than I used to.

The key to controlling a fast searching dog is to be animated and stay one step ahead of the dog, mentally. You can see in this video where I lay back and where I get involved. When I'm trying to get her attention I get more animated and change the pitch of my voice. When she is doing the right thing, I let her go and observe.

In the corner of the yard, where the hide is high on the fence, she responded on the corner of the house where the wind was swirling. I told her "closer" which she understands to mean that she's not on source. The wind was pretty kicking again tonight and was carrying the odor over her head at the fence. I turned to detail work to get her onto source. Notice how when I get involved I get really animated to keep her attention. You have to have a plan in your head to stay ahead of the dog and be ready to shift on the fly if needed.

All the monkey business with me knocking on stuff and distracting her are just me testing her, trying to pull her off odor. She false sat, or at least responded in fringe odor, today and I'm driving home to her what the right thing is and rewarding her for it. It's not something I do with a dog that hasn't gone through incremental stages of distraction while responding.

I will start posting blind searches that show real handling instead of testing type stuff. I just want to know what we have to work on before we start trialing.

Fama Nosework 28 JUN 14 - YouTube

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