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Food allergies?

I started feeding my GSD Blue Buffalo when he was a couple of months old. Up until he was just over a year old I decided to switch from BB due to soft to loose stool. For the last year and half I've tried Eukanuba, Orijen, and Natural Choice. All helped firm his stool but he would not stop the itching and biting. For over a year I could not figure out what was wrong with him. I tried different foods, shampoos, meds from the vet, probiotics, etc. Now that he is three years old I took him off Natural Choice and decided to go back to the stuff I was feeding him when he was a puppy, Blue Buffalo. To my surprise, he stopped itching and biting all together, but the same issue with the stool returned. For his weight we were feeding him the max, then reduced it to the min. Nothing changed! Does anyone know what's in BB that's different from all the other brands? I don't get what may or may not be in it to stop him from itching? Just recently I bought a bag of Royal Canin 24 to see how he would do, the itching and biting symptoms returned. Looks like I'll be stuck with BB for life unless there is something out there that will prevent him from itching and biting.
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