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Default problem ,play time with a golden retriver

today I took Vicky , the 11 weeks German shepherd to a 14 weeks golden retriver (he is shorrter than her but heavier than her), at first Vicky started biting him then she sniffed him and as soon as she found out he is a male she stepped aside and went beside the wall, when Jen the golden retriver saw her finally scared , he went to her and sniffed her and as soon as he knew she is a female he started sniffing her ass and putting his head under her belly , she started running and he kept running and sniffing , but she started barking at him and biting him he continued and she ran away and peed (not sure if that's normal or put of stress).
is it normal that she gets afraid from a male dog or is she just as courage as a GSD is?
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