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Chronic Inflammatory Airway Disease

Sent my 13yr old in for x-rays due to suspected structural issues and the images were sent to Tufts University for professional eval. One image shows the spine and bronchial region. His take on the image showing this are, "The bronchial pattern is likely the result of a mild degree of chronic inflammatory airway disease. As you know, parasite migration through the pulmonary parenchyma, allergies and an infectious tracheobronchitis are the top differential diagnoses. However, as no signs of coughing are present, I deemed the finding of little clinical relevance. The abdominal organs are considered within normal limits." So my question is…should I be concerned and should I pursue any treatment? Originally my vet suspected bronchitis, but a mild form because of no hard coughing, which Tufts also suspects, along with the rest of what's quoted, but concludes "little clinical relevance". Chronic rhinitis has been an issue from the get-go, so "allergies" is not surprising to me. I'm trying to get my bearings down, particularly about any sickness or disease that can be nipped in the butt. I searched online "chronic inflammatory airway disease in dogs" and wasn't happy with what came up, which focuses heavily on COPD. COPD seems to be a lot more severe than what I've got going on.
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