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Originally Posted by Mamie View Post
I'm new to this site- My 12 mo. working male can pull me down OR pull leash out of my hand if he sees a rabbit/ cat whilst walking. He's neutered, he's slender, + has had puppy obedience + teen obedience classes.

He wears a prong collar, fitted by obedience teacher [that was mos. ago]. I have newly developed hand arthritis, which is the absolute pits, + need to really have a hold on this dog. HELP + bless you for writing me back!
I use an easy walk harness on my biggest fella. He was a very bad for pulling on the lead and this harness has worked wonders.

I am not a fan of the prong collars as the dog gets used to the feeling after a while and then begin pulling all over again. The easy walk harness causes the dog to be pulled towards you when he pulls forward.

Its worked wonders with my boy!
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