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Originally Posted by Mamie View Post
Thanks, L. I know to turn when he pulls; When he sees a cat or bunny, often it's before I do, and there's an explosion on the leash as if a Rocket was tied to me. It's as if a racehorse was tied to me.. we're out in the country. I'm wondering if 2 prong collars would help?

Yeah, I forgot to mention. I'm also watching everything around me to notice his triggers.

Nope, 2 prongs won't help. Also, this is not a popular advice but works for me. Get the micro prong.

Or, leerburg suggests sharpening every second or third prong which is basically same as getting a micro prong.

These are not the best solutions but your dog getting loose or dragging you are not good options either. Sometimes have to do what you need to.

Once you got it under control train him to walk properly and ignore critters
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