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HELP! Prong collar not enough~ *

IMO dogs can pull on the prong. Constant pressure on the prong is something they can get used to. Jerking it is what they feel.

When he starts to pull, jerk and turn and keep doing that.
This is not the best way to use it, but an emergency fix since you have bad hands.

The best way to use it is to lightly pop the prong BEFORE there's tension on it. So you're trying to make sure your leash is always loose. It's tedious and takes lots of work.

Or, another, easier way of doing it, practice walking on a field. Walk one way, he gets a little ahead or too far abruptly change direction and walk the other way (some trainers say to jerk the leash before the turn)

The idea is to show the dog that near you is the safe spot. He gets too far away - and gets corrected.

Good luck, it's a pain, I'm still dealing with it. It's not that hard on its own, just hard to be consistent. Once you start doing this yu can NEVER let him pull. And if you live in the city (like I do) and have to walk places and sometimes can't take two hours to walk 2 blocks - it gets complicated.

ETA correction, the best way to use it is to teach leash pressure. To teach them to give in to pressure as opposed to fight it. Second best is light pops and the most stressful (as I've been told) are the pops and turns

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