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Off her food

Hey so my dog destroyed her bed on friday and since then has been off her food. I have had her do this once before and knew what signs to look out for because last time it resulted in major surgery so i took her to er vet last night. They couldnt feel anything and said the only thing was she was a bit dehydrated.

They recommended watching her overnight and taking her back to my regular vet within a day if she doesnt eat again. She ate a tiny bit this morning and a tiny bit this evening but seems disinterested.

Ive decided if she refuses to eat tomorrow morning im booking her into the vet but i was wondering if anyone has any ideas what it could be if its not a blockage.

She is still goin toilet and her stools are a bit of diarrhea with a small stall. She is still excited when i bring the balls out to play with and stirs her brother up.

any remedys or ideas?

offered her ham and chicken and wasnt really interested
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