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9 week old puppy won't walk on leash

We are brand new puppy owners! Yay! We picked our boy Sandor up from the breeder last week. He's a beautiful white GSD.

We live in the city and have to walk about a block to the park for bathroom breaks. He was doing fine and walking with us really well actually, staying right beside us and not pulling on his leash or anything. And then over the past day or two he's decided he doesn't walk to walk anywhere and just lays down. You can pick him back up, gently tug his leash, call him with treats....nothing works. The only way to get him to the park for a bathroom break is to carry him and he's going to quickly become WAY too big for that!

Even once he's at the park, instead of using the bathroom he just lays down in the grass, sometimes for over an hour....without ever going pee or poop.

Is it just because he's so young and it's too much walking? Or is this something we should find a way to correct? And how do you correct that??

He's also started grabbing/chewing on his leash, so we've started letting him carry sticks/toys when he does walk.
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