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Question How to shut off my dogs drive?

Basically my dog has a strong prey drive. She chases down sun reflections, then chases the cats around. The most interesting thing is she barks at intruders. When the kids play in the street she's fine until they come on the grass, or when this stray cat comes on the grass. I don't mind it, and when I tell her enough she backs off but 5 seconds later she's back running window to window barking at them. I don't mind when she barks but once I verify there's no real threat and give her the "enough" command id like her to stop and not keep going on the protect mode.

Is there any way to desensitize her to the reflections, and the guarding her yard? If some one came on the property like an intruder then great, id like to be alerted but once I give the command I want her to just chill out.

Can anyone give me some insight to this?
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