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Angry 5 Week old GSD

Hi All,
Here is my question.
My very uninformed SIL went against my advice, and bought a 5 week old male GSD.

The damage is done, but do any of you have advice I can share with her? She is talking about how "lazy" the puppy is and how he just wants to sleep all day long. Well duh! He's 5 freaking weeks!!!

So any info anyone wants to share here with me, I will calmly pass along to her. She doesn't even have a stable dog to "teach" the pup thing. Her other dog is a 9 year old GSD, but he is mentally unstable, and his behaviors are unpredictable. He was not always like this, but he was in the home with my brother when he took his life, and it messed the poor dog up.

I have thought about asking her if I can take the pup and use my Juno to help teach the pup, but I really don't think it will fly...

Let's hear some feedback.
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