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Dermatitis and environmental allergies

Hi GSD friends,

My 2 year old female has been itchy this spring (belly, paws, snout). Her belly and armpits are pink and a bit rash like, sometimes scabbing over. It comes and gos. Her front paws are pink and she licks and chews at them. At one point her snout was itchy too and she'd scratch it on the floor. We tried benadryl, rash creams, rinsing her feet after she'd go outside, nothing seemed to work. I keep her very clean and brush her often. We finally took her to the vet to see if we could manage it a bit better.

The vet said 2 things: (1) she has dermatitis, which is the rash, spots, scabs on her belly and armpits. He gave us antibiotics and an anti-fungal shampoo to help clear it up. (2) she has environmental allergies to something, which is why her paws and snout became itchy this past spring. He gave us steroid pills for that.

During her pill cocktail she stopped scratching pretty much all together, and she was much less pink and rash like. Happy girl. Her pills ended 3 days ago and her last shampoo is tonight. She's gone back to scratching already.

Does anyone have any remedy they could suggest for something like this? She's on a great diet (all raw) and I try to supplement with natural things like apple cider vinegar, etc. I'm thinking of adding salmon oil to her diet. Is there a foot wash or spray or anything in that nature I could use on her belly and paws? I don't want to keep going back to pills. They made her drink like crazy and she got to the point where she couldn't hold her bladder through the night. I'd love to have a natural solution I can go to when her itching flairs up.

Thanks so much!
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