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Diarrhea - food switch or something serious? Please help!

Hello all!
I have a 12-week old pup (have had her since she was 9 weeks). I'm a new puppy owner and I would love some advice! We had been feeding her Fromm Gold puppy food for the first two weeks, without any issues. For the last week, we've been transitioning her to Blue Buffalo puppy food (mainly because it's easier to find in our area; the Fromm is not always available). For her 1 1/2 cup meals (twice a day), I started giving 1 cup of the Fromm, and 1/2 cup of the Blue Buffalo.
Now, for the past two days, she's having diarrhea - I'm guessing it's the food switch, but was wondering if this could be something serious? She even wakes us up at night to poo (2-3 times) - she didn't do that before. The diarrhea is not watery, it's more like pudding consistency, and seems much more frequent.
Will call the vet today, but wondering if anyone has any input on this? Does this seem normal? How do you determine whether it's an emergency, or simply the change in food?
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