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A Well Thought Out Plan, And Almost Perfectly Executed

Last night, Hubby was having some cold chicken as a snack while watching tv. He put the plate on the coffee table, and Wolfie immediately came over to sniff. Wolfie is very picky about what he eats, but the one thing that he loves is chicken. Hubby told him No. We don't allow bad manners, like mooching after food. Wolfie laid down and it appeared that he forgot about the chicken. He put his head down and closed his eyes. After a while, hubby got up to refill his drink, leaving the plate with a piece of chicken breast on it, on the coffee table. Wolfie did what he always does, got up and followed hubby into the kitchen and followed hm back. I saw him eye the chicken each time he walked past the coffee table. Hubby sat down, Wolfie laid down just out of arms reach and immediately tolled onto his back, paws folded up in close beside his face, and he had on his adorable " I want my belly rubbed expression. It's so cute, you can't resist giving him a belly rub. Hubby leaned over to rub his belly. Wolfie was just out of reach, so he had to get on his knees on the floor to rub the belly. As soon as Hubby was on his knees, Wolfie hopped up like a flash, grabbed a piece of chicken, and tried to make a run for it. Hubby caught him and told him "Shame on you". Meanwhile I have my face buried in a pillow, laughing hysterically because it was so obviously a plan that Wolfie had come up with to get the chicken. I told Hubby "Wolfie suckered you in for a belly rub and you fell for it! " Hubby was laughing too as soon as Wolfie walked away.

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