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Game meat is excellent for a raw diet! The only thing I would not feed would be wild boar/hog due to the presence of trichinosis. Supposedly it is safe after being in deep freeze for two or more weeks, but I just don't want to run the risk. No bear (trichinosis) or Pacific Northwest sourced salmon (rickettsia also known as salmon poisoning).

For an average adult dog, start at 2% of their body weight and adjust as needed. There are many great threads in the raw feeding forum that will give you an idea of percentages. Percentages can give you an idea of how much bone/muscle/organ needs to be fed, but when I get used to how much of each I usually just eyeball it.

You can feed pretty much everything from those animals. The tripe from the deer will be especially good to feed (green tripe). It's good to have a variety of meats, though I would start off with one type of meat at a time and add in different kinds one at a time in slow increments. The only thing I would avoid is the brain. I run across way too many accounts of odd viruses and parasites that tend to hang out there...
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