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Using Heartworm Preventative with a Holistic Health Plan?

I've gone much more holistic with Kaiju's general health care than I ever thought I would. We've switched to raw, we've gone on a limited vaccination schedule (I think vaccines are bit overused, but I do still think they're good, so I'm not anti-vaxx), and have even been without chemical flea and tick treatment for almost four months now with no problems.

Now the next potential step is a doozy and one I'm considering carefully - cutting out the ivermectin heartworm preventative. The few holistic vets in the area I have talked to have encouraged me to go without if I am comfortable with it. They seem to believe that a dog on a natural, healthy diet with no health complications should not have the problems contracting heartworms that unhealthy dogs or dogs on processed food or with systems overly saturated with chemicals would have.

This makes sense to me, but I'm also fighting with years of conditioning that if he doesn't get the ivermectin tablet every month, he'll instantly be a heartworm poster child with the spaghetti bowl heart you see in all the vet's offices.

I feel like Kaiju would be safe as we have had no health or parasite problems since we switched everything up - I have not found a single flea, tick, fly, or mosquito on him for months. Not even a bite. I'd like to hear thoughts and opinions, especially from anyone who is using holistic health methods and has gone off heartworm meds.
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