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Originally Posted by my boy diesel View Post
where was she in her heat cycle at the time of spay?
could she have been pregnant at the time?

this is probably a dog with a shaky temperament anyway just settling in and becoming more comfortable in her surroundings
that is, the honeymoon is over
at 3 yrs old her temperament is pretty well set but it would also take up to 2 mos to see her true personality

how did you acclimatize this dog to her new home and new surroundings?

She was due for a heat cycle (I was told her last was January), but she wasnt in heat yet. She could not have been pregnant. As far as acclimating her, we took everything slow. The first night I happened to be the only one home, but then over the next few nights everyone else filtered in. I tried not to overwhelm her with too many people in the new place (7 people live here), and she did great with it.
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