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Suddenly Aggressive GSD female after spay

Hi Everyone,

I adopted a 3 year old GSD female about two months ago. Such a sweet dog . She was absolutely great with people, but fear aggressive towards other dogs (the home I got her from had others that attacked her frequently) Two weeks ago she was spayed, and about day 6 (after the spaying) she began barking a lot more than her usual. I chalked this up to lack of exercise due to the surgery and thought nothing of it. Since, she has gotten worse and is suddenly fear aggressive towards everything. Shes much worse with other dogs, and suddenly aggresively barking at people both in and out of the house. It's getting worse too, she aggressively barked at my sister when she came inside tonight (sister lives here too). Initially she would only get aggressive towards strangers, but now the sister thing has me really concerned. Could this be medical? Seeing as how it all started just about immediately after the spaying has me convinced that that is the cause but I dont want to jump the gun.

Thanks for your help!
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