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Originally Posted by Jack's Dad View Post
I do think those involved in IPO tend to see it the way you do but you are surrounded by people who are training regularly and have the ongoing help of others.

In thread after thread we hear the problems. Reactive, lunges, barks at everything, hides behind me, hates other dogs, doesn't like people, is not good around kids and then there are the health threads.

I see issues with GSDs in public all the time. Matter of fact I've never seen one in public that I would have wanted. Some of it I'm sure is the way the owners handle and do/don't train but a good portion must be genetic.

When I was growing up about the only seeing eye dogs anyone ever saw were GSD. Very few now.

I think most of the dogs to which are you referring are NOT bred for/by people in have to look at the numbers of GSDs bred in the US and the working line dogs bred by people who train is probably the smallest percentage of GSDs bred in this country. AKC does not publish the numbers any more ....but a few years ago, when GSDs were in 4th place - there were something like 40,000 - FORTY THOUSAND - litters of GSD pups registered in the US that year )Labs were first with OVER 100,000 litters that year) - now GSDs are in 2nd place......I bet the total percentage of working line, show line and ASL breeders make up around a quarter of those litters!! And the rest are puppy mill/back yard and just plain random breeders who think they can make some easy bucks because they own an AKC papered dog! And what you see on most forums are going to be owners of pups from the latter group...people who "just want a pet" and buy an inexpensive pup from the local paper, post it at the grocery store, craigs list etc....

Yes - I agree - most of these problems you mention ARE genetic....but I also know that almost every random GSD I see or meet owners of out in public are NOT from "reputable breeders" - I rarely see people out and about with dogs from good, well thought out breedings of any type.


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