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Originally Posted by blueangele View Post
Freaking out a bit right now. Came home from work and was greeted at the door by my dog like usual, fed him, etc. I was eating my dinner and threw him a piece of turkey, all was well. He stood up to see what other goodies I had and his back legs went out from under him. I got him to lay down and his legs were trembling. I gave him a rimadyl and called the vet. The vet called me back in less than ten minutes and Z started to walk to me, he looked better, the trembling had stopped but still looked weak. Because he looked better Vet said to call in the morning and take him in, and for now I put him on kennel rest (he will pace otherwise, it is time for his nightly romp with the neighbor dog and he knows it). I just lost my dog last year around this time to cancer, I can't do this again

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I hope all goes well for you on your vet visit, hoping nothing serious. Sorry to hear this happening especially to a two yr. old.
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