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I think there is too much paranoia about all this. I've had dogs for over fifty yrs. and up until about ten years ago vaccinated them faithfully every year when the mobile clinics came by. Now I do the three yr. vaccines.

I'm old enough to remember puppies dying of distemper and parvo in large numbers when I was a boy. We lost 2 puppies to distemper in less than a yr.
Out of all those dogs and all those shots I never had a significant reaction even doing all of them yearly and rabies at the same time as other shots.

There will always be people and animals that will have horrible or even deadly reactions to medicines, vaccines, herbs, plants etc... but the number of animals that used to die from the diseases that they are now protected from was far greater than the occasional awful stories that we hear.

I prefer minimal vaccines but I refuse to be paranoid about every possible thing that can happen to our dogs.
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