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It amazes me when Sinister consoles me when I am crying. He will come over to me with his ears down and put his paw on my lap. He will curve his paw so that he is kind of holding my leg, whether I put my hand on his paw or hold his hand, he will lick my cheek and allow me to hug him and cry into his fur. He will not move, he will just sit there and take it.

Draven doesn't really do anything that amazes me. He is always super loving and affectionate, he loves when I hug him or put my arm around him while we watch tv. He always lays with his head on my lap. He makes me laugh and smile, he is so goofy and entertaining, it's hard to be in a bad mood around him. Actually I guess the amazing thing about him is how happy he makes me.


Sinister ~ black male GSD 3.11.09
Draven ~ male Dalmatian 6.30.13
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