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So smart, it's scary

This is one of those events that even though I saw it, I still can hardly believe it happened.

I took a nice, long hot shower this morning. Just taking my time and relaxing. Mystique was laying in her usual spot right next to the tub. I got out and as I was drying off, I said "Ahhh, good shower. Now I'm hungry."

Mystique got up, went out into the hallway to her food bowl, picked up some kibble, came back and laid them next to my feet and then went back to her spot. Seriously. She brought me food. I was shocked! How in the world could she make that association???

When I fill her bowl, I usually ask if she's hungry. But I talk to her all the time so I'm not convinced she picked out the word "hungry". I'm sure most of my babble to her is just white noise.

Also, she doesn't carry her food and eat it elsewhere. She always eats standing at her dish. I had a flat-coated retriever that passed away a few years ago that used to carry a mouthful of food to the living room to eat. Mystique doesn't do that.

I'm utterly amazed. She does things all the time that amazes me with how smart she is, but this was just so fantastic! I still can't believe she did that. I love this girl so much! LOL

Has your dog(s) done anything that has left you utterly amazed? Like, all you could say was "WOW!"?

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