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deca durabolin(nandrolone) for hypo displazium

Hello.I am from Croatia and i heard for this forum and I have one important question because I am despered.I have beautiful male black german shepherd 10 months old and 2 months ago he is diagnosed hypo displasium E.and for a some time he was better but from 5 days ago he started limp on his right leg.he can run but when he is walking he limp and flip his right our country vets does not know much about deca duraboline but i heard that is only cure which would help Veterinarian said to me that i must build up stronger muscle in his front legs and I know deca would help my questio is:is it to early to give my dog deca duraboline(nandrolone) because he is 10 months old and which dose would i give him.sorry for my bad english and thanks for the answers.
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