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Aged a few years in a few days?

I was gone this weekend and left the pups with the in-laws. My BIL has watched the pups before but at our home. This time it was at their place where they've stayed before but with me there. I trust in-laws in terms of letting the pups out for breaks, food, water etc. They haven't been on their walks.

We built them a 10X16X6ft kennel on the sand for the day and they stayed in the garage at night. They have a huge unfinished yard for breaks...The first night they tried leaving the pups in the kennel but Zeeva sort of freaked out and began breaking the wiring on the fence; she's a beast. They did well enough in the garage at night.

When I saw the pups today it seemed like they'd aged a couple years. I don't know if that makes sense...?

Were they stressed without their 'family' and their 'home'? Will they recover with time? I gave them a hose down with Dawn, brushed them, cleaned their faces, their eyes, ears, checked every inch of their bodies. Everything was fine. But they still didn't look 'refreshed'. They are exhausted and Zeeva has a weird posture when standing. It's sort of hunched and crooked...

Eating and pooing like normal. Zeeva still thumps her tail when I sing to her, and still barks at the neighbor's dogs...Smokey still begs for food and lays in his usual spot. So behavior is normal...

Please don't assume that my in-laws did a poor job. They did their best which in my eyes should've gotten the pups by for a few days. So I'm a little concerned.

Has anyone experienced this after boarding, leaving pups with someone else or having a pet sitter come by?
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