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20 Dogs Die at Boarding Facility - AZ

This local tragedy happened over this past weekend and I decided to share to remind all of us to be very careful where and with whom we leave our dogs. The local sheriff's office is conducting a full investigation, but from what is evident so far, these poor dogs were in horrible conditions and died from heat exhaustion.

I will let you decide for yourself based on the videos, but 20+ dogs were allegedly kept in a small unsafe room (unsupervised and not kenneled) and a dog chewed through an exposed electrical cord cutting off the air conditioning. The dogs died from heat exhaustion. The worst part is that the owners weren't told until 24 hours later and even then were told their dogs had crawled through a hole and had ran away. People were out looking or their dogs and the whole time their little bodies had been dumped in a shed. Sick!

One of the owners admitted to panicking and lying about the dogs running away. One dog, a German Shepherd mix, really did get away and is being looked for as i write this. I feel so bad for these dogs that died such a tragic death and their owners.

Please consider supporting the local Facebook page that is seeking justice for the owners of these precious dogs.

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