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Talking Acheron and Dakoda; Update Pics!

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've been on, but I just couldn't resist coming back onto the forum!
Acheron, my solid black male (ASL/Czech working cross) will be a year old on the 27th. Dakoda, my black/tan female, turned four on April 29th. Ash is coming along VERY well with herding training, we were going to Alabama every other weekend to work my uncle's sheep/goats. He is the most social shepherd I've ever owned, and is just a PLEASURE to work with!!! He and Dakoda are inseparable at this point.

Anyways, here are some updated pics of my babies. The sable female in the pictures is my best friend's 2 yr old girl, Schatzi (Acheron's "bae" LOL).
Yes, he is a bit on the heavy side right now and Dakoda IS shaved for medical reasons. I have been sick for 2 months, and spent a couple weeks in the hospital recently (was released last Tuesday but just got off bed rest this Monday) so he hasn't been getting worked the way he needs to.

^ Yes, he is overstretched. I'm still pretty weak and he kept pulling back his leg -.-

^ Tongue out giving me kisses after I finally got out of bed Monday (you can't tell but he weighs the same amount as me!)... He was so excited he wouldn't stop whining and wagging his tail/wiggling for three hours. He hasn't left my side once since I was discharged, and his "daddy" even brought him along to pick me up!

Mom To~ Dakoda (b/t GSD), Acheron (black GSD)
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