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Vaccines and exposure

Can't believe it's been almost 14 years since I have had a puppy!! I don't think I was near as concerned about things that I am now. But I want to be careful and have a couple questions. I get my puppy on Friday at eight weeks one day. She had her first set of vaccinations at seven weeks two days. I know she is not protected so I will be very careful about where I have her. My friend has a 16 acre farm with horses and goats she also has one family dog. Her dog is completely vaccinated and the only other dog that comes over occasionally is her neighbors dog which is vaccinated as well. Me and my daughter are planning a trip over there and I would love to be able to bring the puppy. Is this a bad idea??
my second question is for the vaccine schedule, I've read so many conflicting schedules. Because she had her first set of shots before eight weeks some say they are null and void. Is this true and if so does that mean I need three more sets of vaccines?? HELP!

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