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Default "Don't take this the wrong way, but...."

"...You have to take down that picture of your dog. German shepherds are an aggressive breed and the sight of her picture causes stress to some of our parents."

(The picture in question, by the way, is one and the same as my avatar, so please judge its scary factor for yourselves.)

This is a small snippet of a conversation I had with my boss. Eva's picture was on my desk, facing me, in such a location that patients and their parents could not see it.

Anyone else have to deal with anything like this at work? My boss, for what it's worth, has pictures of her cockapoo everywhere - in common areas, the hallway, her desk, her wall, etc. I put that picture of Eva up a long time ago, maybe in November, and ever since she died, having a picture of her at work has been an enormous source of comfort to me. I acquiesced to her request, but I'm a little ticked, to be honest; her cockapoo has no bite inhibition and whines constantly (seriously, I timed him for a 4 hour stretch once) and jumps on people and chews people's fingers, and she brings him to the office, but I can't have a picture of my deceased dog on my desk where no one else can see it because she's a German shepherd????? I know it's her business and I have to play by her rules - that's why I took the picture down - but... It just seems petty, especially since it was apparently OK for months.

I'm just kinda ranting; there's not really a point here. :/
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