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Originally Posted by onyx'girl View Post
FA is evident often...people think they see 'protective' behavior when in reality it is FA. Dogs that are confident seldom if ever act out aggressively. Aggression generally comes out of that fight or flight instinct.
Young dogs can't really decipher which is the right path to take so aggression happens with the lower threshold dogs. Higher threshold will wait and see, think and decide whether or not to react.
Seldom does aggression with a young dog come from a dominant mindset, but every now and then there is "that" dog that is extreme on the civil chart.
Insecurity is always fear based, no?
Onyx, my female is a bully. Bullies are usually not very confident and take advantage of the weak. Again, it is a fear based mindset.

Lol I know it's not protection, in case it sounded that's what I was saying.

What confuses me is the act of them running up to someone who's not bothering them. I'd understand a dog going crazy at the sight of another dog or a person coming up to them and looking at them (my dog goes that and I've labeled him FA a long time ago)

But then he runs up to a dog 100 ft away and then, before, has ran up to people that were far away minding their own business. What is he scared of?

And if he is scared - how about running the other way. This made no sense at all.

I thought they always choose flight before fight?

I'm confused. I guess to me fear looks like this (my dog has done this too): someone comes up to us and he hides behind me. That's obvious fear.

To go out of his way to chase down someone who's paying you no mind i- I'm not sure
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