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He gets raw in the mornings from Texas Tripe Texas Tripe - Raw Foods for Dogs and Cats in North Texas, usually the bully blend or chicken blend (organ/muscle/fat/bone are mixed in) along with a raw chicken neck. All other dogs are on same diet, no issues.

In the evening he gets kibble (I do not mix kibble and raw into one meal). A mix of earthborn and fromm. He's been on this diet for months with no issue. Problem started 2.5 weeks ago when the loose stool began. He has been thin all along so I didn't think too much of it as he is tall and lanky which is nothing like his parents (both healthy no gut issues).

I took him in after I couldn't get his stool issue resolved. Vet commented first thing about how thin he is and we ran the tests listed above. He has also become cow hocked which he was not until the this last month. I started thinking he wasn't absorbing nutrients. I'm at a loss at this point. I will obviously learn more with the occult and then scope if we do that (pending the occult results).
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