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HUGE & frequent stool on Orijen

I have been feeding my dog on Orijen Regional Red for approx. 1 year now, maybe more. I thought, overall, he has been doing well on it. But, he still has bowel movements 4x/day! And they aren't small....they are large (at least large in my opinion). To my understanding, big stools and that frequent means he isn't digesting the food properly.

I would like to switch foods, if that's what I need to do. I was thinking Orijen 6 Fish or some of the Acana lines. My dog is definitely allergic to Chicken so that eliminates alot of brands. Any thoughts on the Boreal line?

LambAgneau » Boreal Pet Food

Wild SalmonSaumon sauvage » Boreal Pet Food

I have fed my dog RAW on many occasions and his stool is much smaller. RAW on a regular basis isn't an option for me at this point, unfortunately because it's clear to me he does best on RAW.

On a side note, on his lower back, near the base of his tail, his coat is really dry down there, mild flaking, and he squiggles a bit when I scratch him there. I'm wondering why I can't get rid of that dry coat down there. Maybe that's normal?
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