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HUGE & frequent stool on Orijen

I have been feeding my dog on Orijen Regional Red for approx. 1 year now, maybe more. I thought, overall, he has been doing well on it. But, he still has bowel movements 4x/day! And they aren't small....they are large (at least large in my opinion). To my understanding, big stools and that frequent means he isn't digesting the food properly.

I would like to switch foods, if that's what I need to do. I was thinking Orijen 6 Fish or some of the Acana lines. My dog is definitely allergic to Chicken so that eliminates alot of brands. Any thoughts on the Boreal line?

LambAgneau Boreal Pet Food

Wild SalmonSaumon sauvage Boreal Pet Food

I have fed my dog RAW on many occasions and his stool is much smaller. RAW on a regular basis isn't an option for me at this point, unfortunately because it's clear to me he does best on RAW.

On a side note, on his lower back, near the base of his tail, his coat is really dry down there, mild flaking, and he squiggles a bit when I scratch him there. I'm wondering why I can't get rid of that dry coat down there. Maybe that's normal?
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