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My puppy identifying with our cats?

Just seeing if anyone else had this problem. I have 2 domestic short hairs at my house. Still working on getting everyone to be friends (Lena so badly wants to be friends but if they run, she chases them...They don't appreciate this much lol). But she started doing the weirdest thing yesterday. First, I've had to be super diligent on cleaning out my litter boxes since Lena likes to grab the occasional turd snack *barf*, but I actually caught her PEEING in the litter box and burying it. And, to make it even more odd, my husband let me know when he took her out this morning, that she tries to "bury" her feces. I find it amusing, but of all the dogs I've grown up with/owned, I've never seen a puppy start going potty in a litter box. I did not scold her, but I did take her outside and tell her "Go Potty" and she does without problem. I would assume either she is just missing her furry family and is just following what she sees, or it's a marking thing. Any thoughts?
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