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Fama, the Retired Military Bomb Dog!

Since I am sure Fama has many fans here, I have decided to start her own thread.

It is very gratifying to us to see one of these wonderful dogs, retired and living the good life with her handler!

Hope to see many more like her on here. In the meantime, I am starting a place for David Winners to update us on the new and gentler adventures of Fama, the (Retired) and no longer hole Bomb dog!

For those who do not know, here is the original story:

Originally Posted by David Winners View Post
I took some this morning just for you

Did a little detection and OB before working on her OUT with the ball (she is a little sticky. I think we fixed it this morning)

Here's a pic of my office in it's current state of disarray... got to get busy LOL

Here's a vid of her and Lu playing. They are becoming pretty good buds.

Pam tried to say "time out" to get them to settle for a second while she goes past, but they don't know what that means LOL.It's taken a while for Lu to trust her. He's never been intimidated by a dog before, and it was a real shocker to him when Fama came in and took over. He was constantly a bit defensive with her, and the second she got a little too rough, he would snark back and get defensive.

We just watched their interactions carefully and intervened before anything got serious. Through time and guidance their bond is getting pretty strong. Fama even rolls over with him; something I have never seen her do with people, let alone another dog.

It's been cool to watch their relationship change.

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