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0.2 T4 thyroid levels emergent?

At my wit's end! After almost a year of different tests with an incompetent vet, I switched to a better one and finally got some answers. It's his thyroid (T4 0.2, extremely low). He has black pigmentation in areas, underweight (though not severely), periods of lethargy, other symptoms that suggest heart failure, etc.

While it's nice to finally have some answers, I just received them yesterday evening via a voice message left by his vet only a few minutes before she left for two days. I called right back, was put on hold forever, transferred twice and told another vet would go over my chart and call me back the same day. That never happened. They are open 24/7, so there is no excuse.

I am not completely ignorant of dogs but Dallas is my first and I am almost completely ignorant of some of the major canine health problems, thyroid issues being one of them. From what little I've found online about it, 0.5 is around the lowest. Dallas' levels is at 0.2! In the message, the vet suggested a low dose of synthetic meds but did not act concerned. Well, I AM! I know, if untreated (and god knows how long he's had this since the last vet never tested for it) hypothyroidism can cause congestive heart failure, among other serious issues.

My question is, should I follow the vet's lead or take my dog to the ER? He's lying around today and following me like he's lost. Maybe now, I'm just hyper-sensitive to it and thinking too much into it because I'm scared for him? He's never been active indoors, so no change there, and he's always close by wherever I am. I'm hoping it's just my own anxiety coming out right now.

Background info: He's 3 yrs, 4mos old. Intact but not for long (we've been trying to deal with this before putting him through any kind of surgery). We've been through a round of Cephalexin, and on a second round of Nizoral, Temaril-P, and KetoChlor shampoo.

The real "kicker" here is that I was the one to request the T4 test specifically after having read his symptoms online. Even though the new vet tested for several different skin conditions, she still went right back to saying what the first vet did about Dallas having a yeast infection. I called BS right away and requested the test. Enough messing around, 'cause I knew it would just be another round of meds that wouldn't produce results and he'd still be miserable.

Anyway. I'm sitting here waiting for them to call me back after leaving two messages. Nothing so far. I'm tempted to walk up in there with my dog and an attitude. Someone tell me I'm overreacting so I don't go make a fool of myself...
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