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My dog will nip when she's in drive and you are playing. She's not biting and does not break the skin, she's just leaking drive. (This was more when she was a puppy. Someone at her daycare, a new girl, said my dog bit one of the girls there, but the girl said 'oh no! I was throwing leaves at her and she was trying to grab them and I got in the way, I'm totally fine!'. You can imagine the heart attack I was having in the meantime)

Never leave your dog to play with other people's kids.

10 days quarantine is normal even for a vaccinated dog, but if your dog is unvaccinated they will need to observe him most likely. Just happened to my co-worker, except his little dog bit his grandkid in the face when she tried to hug him and the dog meant business.

Sorry about the ordeal, hopefully you'll get your dog back in 10 days without further incident.

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