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Animal control took my baby.

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section.

Im devastated. We brought my boy to this nice lady shop that we met 2 weeks ago and she had a kid with a golden retriever, last night. Her kid wanted to meet Bandit so we brought him there. 10 minutes into him playing with the kid, some other kids came. They were playing with the soccer ball and asked about my boy, so finally we let him off the leash so he can play with the kids. He was having a blast, kids were having fun. And after maybe 5 minutes we call him back and put him back into the car. Next thing i know 10 minutes later, the kid parents came out fussing, they were speaking spanish so we didnt understand until the lady who own the shop translated. He told us that the kid said our dog bit him and him and the parent was yelling saying he was badly injured. So they called an ambulance and what not and when emt and police came, they didnt see any punctured skin, barely a little scrap. But animal control came and picked him up saying he had to be put in 10 day quarantine. And for what? The kid had no bite mark at all on him.

Now the house feels so empty without him. I know its only 10 days, but that's 10 days too long. All because a rotten apple ruined it for everyone. I just dont know what to do. I keep wondering if theyre treating him right, are they abusing him. I stayed there for 3 hours with him until animal control even came. He was so frollicky as usual, running around, trying to catch flies. And then i had to put him in that small cramped up crate in the animal control car, and watch them drive away. He must be so confused right now..

Im sorry if this is kind of long. I need someone to talk to.

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