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Unhappy I don't know what to do. I am really in need of some help.

Hello everyone. I bought a gsd male puppy from a reputable breeder. I bought him when he was 3 month 20 days and now he is 3 months 27 days. (He is with me for 7 days).

He lives in our garden. He got vaccinated when I bought him so he was really passive and sleepy. But now he is recovered and he just ruins everywhere. (When I first take him to home I tought he was a shy-fearful puppy and

I still have some doubts [He shows only few fearful traits -I think because he is with me for just few days- but I am paranoid]) He bites everyone (Teething I suppose.) and already scared my 7 years old brother. He follows me mostly but there is %50 chance to comeback when I recall. (Come! etc). I was trying to teach "Sit" for 2 days he does well when there are treats but he just ignores me (he looks like he doesn't care -which I think is normal-) when I do "sit" command without a treat. (should I give up or feel bad about my dog because he is not able to learn "sit" in 2 days? (or I fail at teaching him the command.). And how can I teach him "NO"?

He is mostly playful or agressive and sometimes calm, submissive or even fearful ("Is it normal for a 4 month puppy to be fearful sometimes even he comes from a good bloodline? ). I am really in need of some advice-help. How can I train him? (there is no dog centers around or any experienced dog owners -_-.) And any dog obedience training books for a real "starter"? (A book that can help us) And one of the msot important thing is "leash training". When I leash him with that simple black 1 m (or close) leash he doesn't follow me. He just tries to bite the leash. I want to socialise him well after he gets rabies but how can I do it If he never follows me when I leash him. He even gets stubborn when I leash him. Leash training and obedience training . I feel so terrible, (I know the reason is me not the dog). Thanks for any useful advices, I hope we will be better.
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